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Our funds acquisition and wealth distribution plans are such that; individuals and corporate organizations can venture into capital growth at any level using our online platform.
MAXFUNDRAISERS operates a system which yields compound interests for your capital depending on the chosen accrual period of your dream. We provide you with the options to create dreams and generate funds using either bitcoin, etherium or south African Rands.
For example: MAXFUNDRAISERS will raise a dream investment created in Rands by;
40% in 15 days,
96% in 30 days,
174.4% in 45 days,
284.16% in 60 days.

i.e. A dream investment of R1000 will be raised to;
R1400 in 15 days,
R1960 in 30 days,
R2744 in 45 days,
R3841.6 in 60 days respectively.



Otherwise, dreams created in bitcoin or etherium are raised by;
45% in 15 days,
110.25% in 30 days,
204.86% in 45 days,
342.05% in 60 days.

i.e. A capital of dreams of $100 will be raised to;
$145 in 15 days,
$210.25 in 30 days,
$304.86 in 45 days,
$442.05 in 60 days respectively.


Note that maximum funds are withdrawable on day 15th, 30th, 45th and 60th respectively.




See what you can achieve more!

At Maxfundraisers, customers loyalty and commitment towards the growth and expansion of the company are duly rewarded.
Hence, there's a compensation of 10% referral bonus to be credited to members for registering new users (i.e you will receive 10% of the first time payment of users that will sign up and create dreams using your referral link)

– There's financial giant lying deep inside you, maximize the opportunity to awaken it.